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ACLAV - Asociación de Clubes Liga Argentina de Voleibol

Women League

The ACLAV Argentine League champions won the third place at the ACLAV Cup

The three consecutive season champions of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Women Teams League defeated without any problems the new team of AYS Olavarria Voley 3-0 (25-13, 25-13, 25-20) finishing third at the first edition of the Women ACLAV Cup in Corral de Bustos.

2010-12-19 | FEM - Banco Nación Carmen de Areco | FEM - AYS Olavarría Voley

From the very start Banco Nación showed its power leading the match without much effort and therefore the team won the third place at the Podium.

Banco Nación Carmen de Areco (3): Bertaina (C), Baili, Caraguel, Espinosa, Posternak, Gildenberger, Rizzo (L).
Coach: Guillermo Orduna.
Substitute players included: Gerbaldo, Agüero, Hvala

AYS Olavarría (0): Antuña, Roman (C), Moreno, Pérez, Ruaro, Rudolf y Amicucci (L).
Coach: Daniel Maletta.
Substitute players included: Fernández, Grison

Stadium: Club Social Corralense - Corral de Bustos (Córdoba)

Referees: Ricca M. – Suárez P.





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